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Some info on AP company

AP company can basically divided to 4 tiers.

First tier AP company such as CSL, Samart (I-Mobile) (now an authorised Nokia distributor), have close connection with real authorised distributor and have services as good as authorised distributor if not better, but their prices are slightly expensiver than most AP set, but cheaper than authorised set. They do have retail shops.

Second tier AP company, such as Final Choice (the new Final Choice, not the old management that has very bad services), Comsat & BBS provide services almost as good as authorised distributor. They even have nationwide service center. Prices are reasonable too, for AP sets. They do not have retail shop.

Third tier AP company, such as Phone Care, T&K, TelStra, SB Communication, Phone King, Aspen, MBS, GBS, HSS, ACE have only one or two service center, mostly at KL. Anything happen to your set, then u must bring it to the only one service center to claim warranty. Some of the company sub-contract their phone servicing to another company, and this will definately dragged the time to get back your phone.
Their price are much cheaper, to compete with second tier AP company. They do not have retail shop.

Fourth tier AP company, this shouldn't be called AP company (but the seller still wanna claim it's AP, not underwater) because the sets are oversea sets (underwater) or recon (re-conditioned / refurbished) set. These set are warrantied by the retail shop which sell them. If your warranty sticker bear the same company name with the shop that sell you the phone, chances that u getting recon set or underwater are very high. Example of these are V-V shop, Action & Takacom that have a big franchise shops around Klang Valley. They also sells phons by authorized distributor, phone that warrantied by genuine AP company and phone that warrantied by themselves (possibility of refurbished phone is very high).

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